Magazine Ad Design Portfolio

Successful marketing is important for any business branding. This can make or break a company. Successful marketing campaigns are essential to run a profitable company.

Magazine Ad Design for India

The advertising for a company must be strategic and well planned. This can be through various sources like print media, web or television media, Print media can be through newspapers, magazines or office literature. Designing of artwork for magazine advertisement build the prestige of the company. Successful advertisements can appeal to the emotions and beliefs of the consumers and affect their life styles. The magazine or print ads can become a signature for the branding of the company. The artwork of advert must be creative emphasizing a special highlight of the services or products of the company. Too much information can be detrimental.
The advertising companies suggest that there is a 40-40-20 ratio in designing a professional magazine ad design-: 40% is for correct product, 40% means correct listing, and 20% is the creative art work. This ratio can help to design and develop a successful advertisement.

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