Steps to design your company Logo

Our experienced Graphic Design team has creative an exclusive niche for logo designs for past 10 years giving high quality creative logo designs at budget prices

How we work

Pencil Logo

Before you order

To have a better understanding of our design and creative skills, ensure to check out our portfolio. Kindly understand our package system before choosing the most applicabe package. In our prices pages, it explains in detail the features and bonuses included. For more enquiries, please click on our online chat and speak straight to the designer who can assist you to make a better option.

Thinking Process


You will be directed to project details questionnaire once payment is settled. THIS IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT STEP OF THE WHOLE PROCESS. Kindly give us suffice information with samples and illustrations to be able for us to work according to your preferences. Also answering the questionnaire is needed. This will ensure that your money will not be wasted.

Initial Design Pahse


Once the designer reveiwed the project questionnaire, she / he will contact you for more details. She / He will design a logo based on the questionnaire provided and each steps will be a combination of your inputs, creative designs and software techniques. Any clip art or pre-made designs in not advisable for the logo. All designs are created free hand. Once the concepts are created, the clients will be informed and will be asked for revisions or improvements.

Final Logo Selection


ONE concept is enough to continue with the idea. There were also times that you can choose bits and pieces from different concepts to reach into ONE concept that you would like to achieve. Take note that we can not revise more than ONE concept. There is no turning back once a concept is chosen and the project continued. We can not work on multiple concepts or go back and forth due to low cost of nature of our services.

Choose your logo design sample
Finalisation of Logo


We complete the project and prepare final files for you once you give your final approval. Vector source files and web files are the logo presented in two formats. Vector files are the source files of your logo and these are used by your printers, vinyl printers, embroidery company etc for printing your logo. Web files are for use in other documents including word, excel, fax sheets etc.

Your Logo Design is ready

Simply send your Requirements and Start your project