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The spotlight has shifted to the mobile technology of today. Gone are the days of older cell phone models because smartphones are in. Tech giants and small entrepreneurs alike are pushing technological advancements to new levels, challenging current technology and even upgrading them. Mobile technology connects people across the globe anytime. And the enterprises are making giant strides to match the needs of their customers.

Android and Iphone Mobile Application

iPhone Mobile Application Development

Apple’s iOS has been a top player in the mobile app market. With the boom of their iPhones, a lot of people have access to this highly sophisticated device. The iOS gives a new and unique experience for its users that its competitors can’t match. LPIN has a team of highly trained professional programmers who know their way around mobile app development using iOS. With LPIN, we don’t only develop apps, we optimize them.

Android Mobile Application Development

iOS’s toughest competitor is Google’s Android. Here at LPIN, we also have a group of pro programmers who develop high quality Android apps. At LPIN, we do not just meet expectations, we exceed them. LPIN assures you that our team of Android programmers deal with mobile app development proactively and professionally to ensure top-notch quality product delivery. The dynamism of our team is endless and we assure you that our Android mobile apps our top of the line quality.

Very Entertaining Mobile App by Logo People- Kids fun school

Kids fun School

Who said mobile apps are for Angry Birds and their like? Say hello to a new, fun way to teach children spelling. Kids fun School is a highly educational and entertaining spelling game which caters to 3-year olds to 10-year olds. Educating your children about spelling hasn’t been more fun than this. In no time, it is guaranteed that they will know their spelling basics. There are currently four categories of spelling questions – fruits, vegetables, animals, and vehicles. Just click the photo and choose the correct spelling of the word.
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Very Entertaining Mobile App by Logo People- English Songs Videos

English Songs Videos

Browse YouTube videos and listen to the current pop hits! This app connects to YouTube to give you more connection with your favorite songs. Listen to Hollywood music and even different genres. Songs of Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Madonna, Beyonce, and even Bryan Adams are sure to touch your heart and lighten your mood.
This app requires WiFi/3G Internet connection. Disclaimer: This app merely connects to YouTube. The app is not responsible for any copyright issues that YouTube videos may infringe because these videos are available publicly.
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Most amazing Mobile App by Logo People- Triple Entertaining Game

Triple Entertaining Game

Slide the pieces and solve the image puzzle! Use logic to recreate the original image just by sliding pieces of the photo. This is fun for all ages and all sizes. General knowledge and logic are both enhanced by this app, making it beyond fun and entertaining because it is also highly educational. Choose among six categories of photos and enjoy the pictures of different fruits, fairy tale characters, and cartoon characters. You can also choose to use an image taken by your phone’s camera. Over 30 images are included in this app. The preview button on the interface shows what the original image looks like before playing.

This develops various skills such as creativity, hand-eye coordination, visualization, logic, and concentration. Enjoy this sliding puzzle! Learn and have fun at the same time!
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Entertaining Mobile App- Fun n Play puzzle

Fun n Play puzzle

If you’re looking for an app that would entertain and educate your kids at the same time, you’ve looked at the right place. Fun n Play puzzle is one of the best puzzle apps out there so far, and it takes learning to a higher level. Slide the pieces of the photo to recreate the original look of the image. Place them in correct positions. The app develops abstract reasoning, mental logic, and critical thinking all at the same time. Different images make it appropriate for the age of the player.
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Entertaining Mobile App by Logo People India- Paint Gallery

Paint Gallery

Create your own art with your mobile phone. The user interface of this app provides a lot of creative options for the users who want to create works of art through mobile apps. Create your own image or recreate your favorite painting with the different tools that this app provides. Crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint brushes, roller pens, stickers, and a lot more are in store for you! You also have the option to save your artwork and even load it again to continue working on the piece. You can also share the photo with your friends through different social networking sites. Color recognition and the artsy side of the user develops with this app.
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